Moviemaking Bootcamp 1

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july 19 (Monday) - 30 (Friday)


The Apothecary

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Online you can learn the best ISO at which to set your camera, or what buttons to push on your editing software.

But there’s a vast gulf between knowing the technology and making great movies. That’s where Key Light Movie Academy comes in. We focus on the art of moviemaking.

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In this bootcamp you’ll get: 

  • The secrets of great storytelling, in the screenplay and in the visuals.
  • How to prepare to shoot a movie from the mindset of orchestration and the final edit.
  • Applicable, practical directing skills that give you credibility and confidence with your crew.
  • More applicable, practical directing skills for working with actors.
  • A workable approach to getting great lighting.
  • A specially refined toolkit of editing techniques.
  • Personal attention and feedback from working professionals as you build your own experience and approach.
  • A ton more.

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