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We love videos! Check out our  video series “Lovin’ Old Town Lilburn” where we visit Old Town business owners, highlight the great public amenities, and interact with local residents. Also, be sure to check out “The Burn” – our podcast that provides relevant and interesting updates for what’s happening in the City of Lilburn.


To Old Town Lilburn

Right in the heart of Lilburn is the historic, walkable neighborhood we’ve always called “Old Town”. Originally founded as a Railroad community in the late 1800’s, Old Town is now a growing downtown neighborhood with a charm that’s well over 150 years in the making. 

You can visit the library, dine at your favorite restaurants, attend city events and concerts, shop, play at the park, and exercise for miles without ever getting in your car. And if you get tired of walking, golf carts are permitted too. 

Want to learn more about the City of Lilburn? Check out the “Mayors Corner” each month as Mayor Tim Dunn shares his insight on various city topics.  

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Old Town is thriving, but it was almost lost when a devastating fire occurred early in the morning of November 15, 1920. On that day, the entire business section of Old Town was nearly destroyed. But history tells us that the heroic work of the volunteer bucket brigade stopped the fire and saved the rest of town one bucket at a time. Now, one hundred years later, we like to think of our residents, business owners, local government, schools, and various civic groups as a continuation of that original “bucket brigade.” We love our history and you can learn more of our story here.

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